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Gophers Men's Coach Geoff Young On Raising Tennis Star Son

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gavin Young came in the No. 1 rated tennis player in Class AA. He helped Eastview to a runner-up finish, but he had to withdrawal from the singles competition because of injury.

His father is the head tennis coach at the University of Minnesota, so as his son performed earlier this week, WCCO watched with dad and asked for some coaching and parenting perspective.

"It's great. There's nothing more that I like better than watching my kids play. He seems really open to learn, but I've really tried to teach him more that he should put his thoughts on trying to learn," Geoff said.

But this dad is different because he's also the head coach of the University of Minnesota men's tennis team, which makes him an expert but still a parent.

"I don't often give other parents tips because I have my own challenges with being a parent. However, if I were to in regards to, which is what I think you mean, in regards to raising a tennis player is to just support them," Geoff said.

What he wants is his son to learn and master this game and, in doing so, master life.

"Of course I'm helping him with the game now and then, too, but if I can teach my kids to really embrace the challenge of trying to learn and grow, I think that's the ticket," Geoff said.

As much as father and son want to win, there is more because there has to be more than any one sport.

"Yeah, I get nervous, but I try to remind myself to get some perspective because losing a tennis match is extremely small in the big scheme of things, as we all know, but when you're in the heat of the battle, it's easy to forget that," Geoff said.


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