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Gopher women's soccer team featured in Super Bowl Ad through NIL deal

U of M women's soccer team makes Super Bowl ad appearance
U of M women's soccer team makes Super Bowl ad appearance 01:51

MINNEAPOLIS — In the off-season, the Gopher women's soccer team is still on, putting in the work on the pitch, and for the first time ever, on camera during the most-watched television event of the year.

The team was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Daryl "The Hammer" Isaacs, a personal injury lawyer based out of Louisville, Kentucky, after signing a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal with him last year. Daryl Isaacs' daughter, Alex, is a junior goaltender on the Gophers.

"I was a little embarrassed, of course, because it was my dad making the commercial, but other than that, it was really fun and an awesome opportunity for us," said Alex Isaacs.

"Alex texted the team and said, 'Do you think people would be interested in being in a Super Bowl commercial? You don't have to if you don't want to,' and we're like, 'Um yes!' Who would say no to that," said Elizabeth Overberg, a junior on the Gopher women's soccer team.

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"It's kind of crazy to imagine so many people are going to be watching it," said Sophie Bowman, a senior on the Gopher women's soccer team.

What makes this NIL deal extra unique is this is the first time at the University of Minnesota that an entire team has signed an endorsement deal.

"[It's] one of the first in the country that is focused on a female team," said Jeremiah Carter, who oversees NIL policy for the U of M.

Carter hopes this deal lays the groundwork for more Gopher athletes and teams to get endorsed by local and national companies.

"It gives them an opportunity to showcase their marketability, which is huge... Not just to our fan base, but across the country," said Carter.

These athletes see the significance in doing this deal not only as women but doing it together.

"It's important to have that equal representation for women's and men's sports," said Isaacs.

"it's just really valuable to have everyone on the team in the spotlight for once because they deserve to be there. They're all a vital part of the team," said Overberg.

This commercial was only shown during the game throughout the southeast region of the country.

You can watch the full commercial on YouTube.

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