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Good Question: Where Do Mosquitoes Hide In The Day?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - After a long Fourth of July weekend at the cabin, many Minnesotans return home scratching the dozens of mosquito bites all over their bodies.

We've all noticed that it seems like they're worst at night, so Cory in Faribault wanted to know: Where do mosquitoes hide in the day?

According to Kirk Johnson, an ecologist with the Minnesota Mosquito Control District, it starts 20 minutes before sunset and lasts for about 2.5 hours.

"The main reasons that most mosquitoes are active in the evening hours are basically survival reasons," Johnson said.

Mosquitoes don't like the hot, dry sun and prefer the higher humidity at night. They also don't like wind.

"Wind speeds die down during the evening," Johnson said. "It takes a lot energy for a mosquito to fly against the wind. They got a very small body and small wings."

During the day, most mosquitoes seek shade in densely wooded areas that tend to hold in more moisture. Often the mosquitoes who feed at night will rest during the day.

There are a small number of mosquito species in Minnesota who feed during the day and they tend to rest at night.

About two hours after the sun sets, people will notice many fewer mosquitoes.

"A lot of the time they've just had the opportunity to bite something," Johnson said. "They've had a blood meal and they go and rest and digest that blood."

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