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Good Question: Can Certain Sleep Positions Cause Wrinkles?

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We expect sleep to be restorative, to heal our body and rejuvenate, but the way you sleep can actually cause wrinkles. So, what position should we sleep in to look our best?

"It absolutely can (cause wrinkles) over time," said Dr. Jaime Davis of Uptown Dermatology and Skin Spa in Minneapolis. "If you fold a piece of paper enough times you get an etched crease there."

Men tend to sleep on their stomachs and they tend to get wrinkles on our foreheads. Women tend to be side-sleepers and they get more wrinkles on their cheeks.

"As far as wrinkles are concerned, you're probably best to sleeping flat on your back," said Davis, or at least, try to vary your sleep position.

She said that she's had patients come in with wrinkles focused on one side of their face, and quite often, it's because the person is sleeping on that particular side.

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