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Goin' To The Lake: WCCO Goes To McGregor (Day 2)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Once again, the weekend is upon us, and that means WCCO is gearing up for another installment of Goin' to the Lake. This week, WCCO-TV's Liz Collin, Chris Shaffer and NewsRadio 830 WCCO's Dave Lee are visiting the McGregor area and Big Sandy Lake.

The gang had another fun day Friday in McGregor – which also happened to be Liz Collin's birthday!

Everyone has been so friendly, and they have shown the WCCO team some really great places to stop, including Bann's on Lake Minnewawa. They are famous for their burritos, fish frys and meat raffles.

Many viewers emailed us to suggest visiting the Roasting House in McGregor. The gang says the food was great, including their breakfast and enormous cakes and cinnamon rolls!

Bann's And The Roasting House


Liz and Chris discovered a great shop in McGregor Friday that has one theme: everything there is made in Minnesota, and most of it is from the McGregor area.

Minnestalgia -- which is celebrating its 25th year -- has locally-made wines, mead, jams and an amazing variety of fudge.

Liz & Chris Go To Minnestalgia


When you are at the lake in McGregor, you are going to want to stop at Willey's. They have a great bait shop where they will give you the hot tips.

And when you catch the big one, bring it in. They have a summer-long fishing contest.

Another contest at Willey's is called "Guess the Bobbers." The grand prize is $300 cash, which you can use it to stock up on fun for the lake.

Willey's In McGregor


Liz and Chris noticed something on Big Sandy Lake Thursday that they just had to try.

It's called Flyboarding, where you basically strap a board to your feet and get propelled into the air by water from a Jet Ski!

Liz & Chris Try Skyboarding!


Goin' To The Lake: McGregor Recap


GALLERY: WCCO Goes To McGregor & Big Sandy Lake

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