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Goin' To The Lake Recap: Cumberland, Wis. (Day 1)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Summer is rapidly coming to an end, but it's not over yet! We've got a few more trips left in us, so this week we hit the road and headed east.

WCCO-TV's Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello, as well as WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman, are Goin' to the Lake this week! They are headed east and will be live in Cumberland, Wis.

Listen to their road trip playlist below:

Goin' To The Lake: Frank And Amelia's Road Trip Playlist

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Cumberland is an easy two-hour drive from the Twin Cities metro. It's called the "Island City," because it's mostly surrounded by Beaver Dam Lake.

Unlike some small towns across the country, Cumberland is thriving. Just one look down its main street, which is lined with American flags and quaint shops, shows this to be true.

Gallery: Frank & Amelia Explore Cumberland, Wis.

Paul Nelson, who owns the town's hardware store, says Cumberland is a success because of how caring the people are there.

They're also welcoming, as Frank and Amelia found out.

Frank & Amelia Arrive In Cumberland


Part of the fun of Going to the Lake is finding great places to stop on the way to the cabin. One such place is just a few minutes from Cumberland.

The Comstock Creamery sells its award-winning cheese all over the country, including grocery stores in the Twin Cities.

And to try a fresh-made sample of their stuff is certainly worth the drive.

The creamery cranks out 7 million pounds of cheese a year, and Frank and Amelia got to talk with the factory's director of operations, John Freyholtz.

Comstock Creamery started making butter as a farmer-owned co-op in 1901. Today, it's owned by Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery.

And that's a big deal for lovers of the Minnesota State Fair.

Ellsworth Creamery provides more than 100,000 pounds of cheese curds for the great Minnesota Get-Together.

A Look Inside Comstock Creamery


Cumberland has a rich Italian history, and that means wonderful Italian food at a few restaurants around town.

One placed beloved by WCCO-TV viewers is Bona Casa Foods.

It's been in Cumberland since 1957.

It's got authentic Italian food you can eat there, or take with you to the cabin.

And they do brisk business, making 10,500 ravioli a week.

They also go through 500 pounds of mozzarella, 900 pounds of Italian sausage, 100 dozen eggs and 900 pounds of flour.

That take-and-heat option they have is perfect if you don't feel like making dinner at the cabin.

Frank & Amelia Visit Bona Casa Foods


If you ever swing through Cumberland, the locals will tell you about Louie's Finer Meats.

Its founder, Louie Muench, and his family have been winning awards for their meat creations for 40 years. Muench's son now runs the place, even though dad keeps a close eye on everything.

The family's success came from their courage to trying something new.

Early on, the Muenchs created their own recipes for everything, and never skimped on quality.

The result?

A must-stop destination on the way to the cabin.

And oh yeah, they've got more than 100 different kinds of brats. One of them is called the Vikings brat.

It's got purple cabbage and mozzarella!

Everything in the shop is made right there. So you can buy it fresh, or get it frozen to enjoy later.

If you have a question about how to season or cook your meat, the staff is always ready to help.

Amelia & Frank Check Out Louie's Finer Meats


After a day of great food and perfect weather, Frank and Amelia went out to relax.

The place they chose was the patio at the 5 O'Clock Club. The spot has a Wisconsin supper club vibe and a hilltop view of Granite Lake.

The club's got good eats, too! Another place with great food, where Frank and Amelia had lunch, is the Italian restaurant The Tower House.

Frank & Amelia Visit The 5 O'Clock Club, The Tower House


When you head out to the lake, you've got to try something new.

This time, Frank and Amelia tried their hands (or feet) at log rolling. Their teachers in this sport were seasoned competitors: 13-year-old Emma, 11-year-old Dominic and 7-year-old Libby.

If they can do it, anybody can, right?

Frank & Amelia Go Log Rolling


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