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Goin' To The Lake: Frank & Chris Visit Lanesboro

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- All this week Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer have been hopping around to different lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. On Friday, the guys went south of the Twin Cities to Lanesboro, Minn.

Lanesboro, however, is in a county that has no lakes.

What Lanesboro does have is the beautiful Root River and stunning bluffs.

Frank & Chris Take In Lanesboro's Landscapes, B&Bs

There are no big hotels in Lanesboro, but the town is known as the bed and breakfast capital of Minnesota.

There are 15 of them in Lanesboro and the surrounding area. And if you're thinking of planning a trip, book ahead.

The places fill up fast in the summer since there's so much to see and do down there. For instance, there's a vibrant art community and a bunch of good restaurants.


Frank & Chris Explore Paths Along The Root River


Lanesboro, according to the guys, has a different feel from all the other places they've visited this week. They say it has to do with the Root River and its surrounding landscape.

So that people might enjoy it, there's 60 miles of paved path along the river, which brings thousands of people to the Lanesboro area each summer. It's an active getaway that anyone in the family -- even the dog -- can enjoy.

"You'll be biking through 300-foot bluffs," said David Harrenstein of Root River Trail Towns. "Anywhere that you are on the trail you're going to see the river on one side of you or the other."

The trail was built on the old Milwaukee Road Railroad line, so the entire thing is flat. It's perfect for anyone looking to escape the city and enjoy a day on a bike.


Frank & Chris Go Fly Fishing On The Root River

The fishing in Lanesboro is also quite different than what the guys have encountered on other stops.

A fisherman named Steve Klotz took Frank and Chris out on the Root River and showed them how to land trout via fly fishing.


Here is a list of links for all the places Frank and Chris stayed at or visited in Lanesboro:

Spud Boy Diner
Root River State Trail

Here is the full schedule for Frank and Chris's 2013 "Goin' To The Lake" road trip. Click here to suggest places for them to visit:

Monday, June 10: Grand Rapids

Monday, June 11: Alexandria

Monday, June 12: Deerwood

Monday, June 13: Chetek, Wis.

Monday, June 14: Lanesboro

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