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Goin' To The Lake: Frank & Chris Visit Grand Marais

GRAND MARAIS, Minn. (WCCO) -- All this week we're going to some of your favorite lake places. Tonight Frank and Chris have made their way to Grand Marais on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Grand Marais means "Grand Marsh" in French, but there's no evidence of any marsh around here.

People who live and visit here say they're "called by the lake" and we've seen why in our stop here.

The roughly four-block shoreline walk looks out over Grand Marais harbor. Art galleries, little shops and award-winning restaurants dot the main street.

And, of course, just out of town is rugged wilderness and countless places to get away from it all and enjoy nature. June and July are actually the calmest months on the lake.

It's a good time to visit and relax, but the people who travel here are often in it for adventure. Everything from enjoying the lake by sailing or kayaking to getting up in Pincushion Mountain for some mountain biking.

5 p.m.

Frank & Chris Go Mountain Biking

Frank & Chris Eat The World's Best Donuts

On the drive up, the crew made a stop in Two Harbors at the North Shore Cafe, among other viewer-suggested stops. They couldn't resist a race down the Alpine Slide -- and after all that excitement, they were eager to check out the best pizza in town.

6 p.m.

Frank & Chris Race Down The Alpine Slide

Frank & Chris Hit Sven & Ole's Pizza

Grand Marais is known for its great dining options -- and as Frank and Chris quickly found out, there were almost too many. They checked out a few favorites before getting crafty. North House Folk School is a place to get away, and create.

10 p.m.

Frank & Chris Dine In Grand Marais

Frank & Chris Visit The North House

Don't forget to tune in on Tuesday when Frank and Chris will be reporting live from Detroit Lakes.

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