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Get Movin' Monday: Best October Deals

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We begin a new month this week and as we turn the calendar page there are bargains to be had this month only.

On Monday, our deals expert Carrie Rocha helps us get moving on saving money -- on everything from iPhones to Major League Baseball gear.

Rocha has the following tips for ways to save big in October, including:

-- Buy your Halloween candy now, particularly in drug stores. Also, keep an eye out for coupons in the Sunday paper.
-- Book your holiday travel to avoid markups closer to November.
-- Looking for a new car? Buy one now or wait until the frigid months to get a good deal on an older model.
-- Now that iPhone 6 and 6-Plus have been released, it's a good time to find a great deal on Apple's previous versions.
-- If you're a baseball fan, now's the time to shop merchandise.

Rocha said the main tips are to look at what's about to happen (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.), what's just happened -- big releases that make a change in the marketplace -- and then a change in the season, whether that's a change in the weather or a particular sport.

Rocha mentioned the older models of the iPhone are good deals.
But this month, iPads are smart to buy, too.

Apple is expected to launch updates to the iPad and iPad mini around Oct. 29.

These tablets tend to see their best discounts from resellers just before and after the announcement.

The iPad 4 is expected to hit its all time low of $400, just before the iPad Air's announcement. That means shoppers can get 20 percent off list price.

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