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George Floyd Case: Daily Mail Obtains Body Cam Video From 2 Officers In Floyd's Arrest Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Body cam footage showing the arrest of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody in late May, has been obtained by the Daily Mail.

On Monday, the website for the British newspaper said it exclusively obtained video from the body cams of Officers Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng. Reporters granted permission by the court to view the footage last month confirm it as a recording of the body cam video.

In the video, Lane approaches Floyd, who was inside an SUV, and orders him to show his hands. The first words Floyd uttered as he opened the door was "I'm sorry." Soon, Lane pulls his gun and continues to order Floyd to show his hands.

As transcripts of the body cam footage have previously detailed, Floyd appears to be distressed throughout the incident and says he's been shot before. He repeatedly says he's claustrophobic and has anxiety. After struggling to get him into the police squad, Floyd is eventually held down by officers on the ground.

Floyd is heard calling to his mother, repeatedly saying he can't breathe and that everything hurts.

At one point an officer says "you're doing fine, you're talking fine." Floyd later died, leading to protests throughout the country.

A coalition of local and national media organizations, including WCCO-TV, is challenging the court's video release restrictions. The group wants the footage to be made available to the public.

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