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Garbage Truck Dumps Burning Trash In Richfield Neighborhood

RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) -- A garbage truck fire led to burning trash being dumped on a road in a Richfield neighborhood.

According to city officials, Richfield fire crews were dispatched to the scene Wednesday morning near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 68th Street.

The garbage was dumped on the road by the garbage truck, and fire crews extinguished the fire. Once the fire was under control, the public works department cleared away the rubbish.

"When a garbage truck starts on fire, it is usually coming from the bottom of the haul," city officials said in a social media post.

Garbage dumped in Richfield
(credit: City of Richfield)

City officials did not say what the cause of the fire was, but did say this is a good reminder not to put electronics and batteries in the garbage. Fires can also start from ashes and oily rags.


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