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Frustrated Super Bowl Viewers More Impressed By New CBS Talent Show 'The World's Best'

Super Bowl LIII was not exactly the fireworks display that we have come to expect from the big game in the last several years. The 13-3 victory for the New England Patriots over the Los Angeles Rams featured the lowest combined point total in Super Bowl history, and the only touchdown came with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

Needless to say, fans tuning in to watch were not exactly pleased. The good news for those that stayed after the game and through the trophy presentation was that Sunday night was also the debut of CBS' new show "The World's Best." The talent show, featuring acts from around the world and hosted by James Corden, turned out to be the highlight of many viewers' nights.

The show certainly got off on the right foot with some viewers it would seem and many were impressed by one act in particular. Enkh Erdene, a singer from Mongolia, stunned viewers with his performance of George Strait's "Amarillo By Morning". The reason? Erdene doesn't speak English and yet he was able to closely mimic Strait's voice and intonation while singing the song.

One viewer went so far as to say that Erdene's performance outshone either of the teams that were on the field in Atlanta last night.

"The World's Best" returns on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS with the second round of auditions.

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