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Froggy's Cotton Candy Bar Makes Life In Le Sueur A Little Sweeter

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Heading to the local bar has another meaning in a southern Minnesota town.

You're not going there for drinks, you're going for cotton candy. Froggy's Cotton Candy bar is making life a little sweeter in Le Sueur.

Inside the bright, green building on main street the regulars pull up chairs, and belly up for pastries, coffee, and cotton candy.

The funny thing is, owner Robin Seger was never really a big fan of the sweet stuff. But while working at the Le Sueur farmer's market she learned people wanted it there. So she bought a machine and started making the fluffy confection herself.

"We created our first ten flavors, took it out to the market the next week and it blew up on us," said Seger.

People went crazy for it, to the point that she got the idea to start mixing and matching by using Jolly Ranchers and flavored hard candy as the catalyst.

"We'll be walking through Home Depot and be like, oh hey, let's try this flavor. You never know when a creation will pop into your head," she said.

Now, she has 132 flavors and counting; each with a name her family came up with, like "Sharkberry."

"Strawberry-banana. My son loves sharks so "shark berry," said Seger, who has also invented combinations like banana cream pie and S'mores.

With the flavor, topping and even the color picked out, Seger can whip up a new invention in a matter of seconds.

"It's kind of snowballed. It's a lot of fun now," said employee Wendy Ibarra. "Who doesn't want to work with candy. It's so fun."

In less than a year, a treat for the farmer's market has turned into a product that's shipped to cotton candy lovers across the country. But it's the local crowd that has really bought into that old saying, "Life is short. Make it sweet."

"Being a stay-at-home mom and working at the farmer's market for fun. I never thought I'd be a business owner and have my own storefront," said Seger.

Robin says she's also working on bringing in flavors for adults, such as brandy and rum. Froggy's already has pina colada.

To learn more about Froggy's Cotton Candy Bar, click here.

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