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Frizell Beats Stanek In Henn. Co. Sheriff's Deputies Assoc. Vote

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputies Association has voted overwhelmingly in favor of incumbent Sheriff Rich Stanek's opponent on Wednesday.

Ed Frizell, deputy chief of the Minneapolis Police Department, received 75 percent of the votes, while Stanek only received nine percent. Sixteen percent of the votes endorsed neither candidate.

In a statement released soon after the results, Stanek's campaign team says the upcoming election will ultimately vindicate the current sheriff.

"The election this fall will give everyone who lives in Hennepin County the chance to decide who is the best person to be sheriff," the statement said. "We respect everyone who is involved in this process and strongly believe that Sheriff Rich Stanek's outstanding record clearly makes him the best person to continue to keep people safe across Hennepin County."

Frizell also serves as commander of the Minnesota National Guard's 1st Squadron 94th Calvary.

Sheriff Stanek has held his office since 2007. He is a 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, served eight years in the Minnesota House of Representatives and was Gov. Tim Pawlenty's commissioner of public safety for one year.

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