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Fridley McDonald's Offers Look At Future Of Fast Food

FRIDLEY, Minn. (WCCO) -- Everyone recognizes the "golden arches."

They've been lining roadways and feeding families since 1955.

But now, McDonald's is looking to the future.

On Monday, the location on University Avenue in Fridley debuted new kiosks where customers can change the way they order.

McDonald's kiosk
(credit: CBS)

"I would say in general it's probably easier," customer Robert Mackereth said. "This is just a bigger tablet, bigger phone that you run it on."

Owner Melissa Kennedy explained the new method allows people to order and pay at the kiosk and even have the food delivered to them at their table.

Mobile orders and pick-ups will soon be available.

For those who still prefer the old-fashioned way, they're free to order at the counter.

"We are part of peoples' routines," Kennedy said. "We are listening to feedback from our customers about how to do things in a more convenient way for them."

Kennedy says expect to see many more of these kiosks at locations across the state within the next year, as the future of fast food aims to become even faster.

Kennedy said she isn't concerned that more technology will eliminate jobs.

If anything, Kennedy said a more efficient workflow will hopefully lead to more of a profit and more jobs.

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