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Frey Says Rally Compensation Remains A 'Stand-Off' With Trump Admin. In WaPo Op-Ed

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey took to the Washington Post Saturday to explain why he asked President Donald Trump to pay up ahead of his Thursday rally at the Target Center.

In the op-ed, Frey said he had a responsibility to "stand up for Minneapolis taxpayers."

"In Minneapolis, we need to ensure that our limited funds are put to good uses," Frey wrote. "Every opportunity we have to save taxpayer dollars and dedicate them to important matters such as affordable housing policy is an opportunity we must seize."

In the days leading up to the president's rally, Frey said the projected bill to cover excess costs for public safety and traffic control, among other services, was $530,000. Frey said the matter "remains a stand-off."

"The booking agent is still seeking payment from the Trump campaign, and our position continues to be that the city should be reimbursed," Frey said.

The president leaves a trail of officials still looking for compensation from visits to their cities. According to the Center for Public Integrity, these unpaid bills total $871,000 in at least 12 cities since 2016.

The center also found, however, there are no set rules for who pays the bills when candidates come to town, and Democrats and Republicans are equally lax in paying in a timely manner.




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