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Former Tennis Coach Back In Police Custody

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A former tennis coach accused of having a sexual relationship with a student has been arrested once again and is now behind bars with bail set at $1 million.

Daniel Hubbard-Wilson, 27, was suspended from Visitation School in Mendota Heights back in September after allegations arose that he was having inappropriate contact with a female player.

He later resigned.

This is the third time Hubbard-Wilson has been arrested for violating a no-contact order since his initial arrest in the case.

This morning, at a bail hearing, a judge set his bond at $1 million for violating the order.

Ramsey prosecutors say Hubbard-Wilson was communicating with the victim through her Gmail account.

He allegedly had the password to her email and would write messages and save them as a draft, said Dennis Gerhardstein, Public Information Officer for the Office of the Ramsey County Attorney.

The victim would then reply to the messages, also in draft form, but never sent the messages, which is still a violation of the protection order.

According to court documents, the victim said she first met Hubbard-Wilson in 2012, just before her freshman year of high school at Visitation.

In addition to being her school tennis coach, Hubbard-Wilson also became her personal tennis coach.

The original complaint said the "criminal sexual conduct" began in 2013 when the girl was 15-years-old.

The relationship reportedly escalated after her 16th birthday and continued until her dad confronted her about it this fall.

The victim, who is now 17, told authorities that Hubbard-Wilson had been involved with other girls.

They've been asked to come forward.

Gerhardstein said the new violation has not yet resulted in a new charge.

The county attorney's office is in the process of reviewing all information before making a decision

The attorneys representing the victim's family, Janel Dressen and Anthony Ostlund, released the following statement:

"Wilson was arrested again yesterday for violating the harassment order. Judge Allshaus set bail at $1,000,000 this morning and Wilson is in custody. The family is relieved that the Court is finally taking this matter seriously, as it should.  Wilson's continued contact with his victim in violation of court orders has caused her and her family significant emotional harm. We can only hope that he remains in jail so that he cannot cause her further damage and jeopardize her safety or the safety of other victims."

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