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For Ryder Cup Fans, Preparation Is Key

CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) -- When you come to watch the Ryder Cup, you better come prepared.

"You can't just show up and walk around," Howard Green of Little Canada said. "There's too much to see."

With 50,000 people trying to watch the same four groups of players, smart fans come with a plan, to maximize seeing the most golf from the best vantage point they can get.

"Last night, we spent quite a bit of time last night talking between the two of us about our strategy today," Green said.

You need a "watching strategy."

Kyle Spellman and his group of friends didn't come here all the way from Boston just to wing it. They plotted their plan out with care.

They start out on hole 9, getting there several holes ahead of the players.

"At least four," Spellman said. "There's over 50,000 people here, you got to go way ahead. He's right."

Then they make the short walk over to 18 -- maybe the best spot on the whole course.

"Yeah, 9 and 18 were the best, then you get a view of the 10th tee. You can see the second tee over by the 17th green, as well," Spellman said. "And then you see all four groups come through, it's perfect."

A popular strategy here.

"Yeah, some people like to run around like crazy and don't care how far deep they are," Anthony Degregoroio from Washington, D.C., said. "I like to post up and relax."

So if you're headed out to the Ryder Cup Sunday, take a little time tonight to plan your watching strategy.

Or you could just be like one fan and just climb a tree.


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