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Food Truck Explodes In Lakeville Neighborhood, 20 Homes Damaged

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A quiet Lakeville neighborhood just south of Buck Hill was rocked Friday night after a food truck exploded.

The explosion happened just after 11 p.m. on the 16000 block of Joplin Path, scattering debris up to 500 feet away and damaging about 20 homes in the area.

"My kids were all asleep, and it's like a bomb went off," neighbor Jason Anderson said. "Honest to goodness, everything off the walls in our house, windows broken."

Lakeville Police Deputy Chief John Kornmann says the blast could be felt six miles away in Farmington.

"We have some garage doors that have blown in, a front window on a home next door has been blown in and rather significant damage to the home where the vehicle was in fact parked," Kornmann said.

Two people suffered minor injuries, but both declined medical treatment.

"It's hard to take in, just one second you hear a huge explosion, the next second you run out the house and you see just a destroyed truck," neighbor Calvin Frost said. "And there was debris in trees and stuff ... scattered everywhere."

The food truck that exploded was called the Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill, which has been in operation since 2012.

WCCO Radio's Al Schoch talked with owner Martin Richie, who was very distraught and says the truck was the only one he had.

Neighbor Calvin Frost says he thought he smelled gas before the explosion, but police have not yet confirmed the cause.

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