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Flash flooding causes significant damage in Albert Lea

Albert Lea starts road to recovery after flooding
Albert Lea starts road to recovery after flooding 02:01

ALBERT LEA, Minn. -- The flooding happened in a flash, but the recovery will take much longer for those hit the hardest in Albert Lea late Tuesday night.

Heavy rain started around 8 p.m., and by 9 p.m. several roads were under water and many basements were filled with water.

Cars drove through the flooded streets, some staling, others pushing waves of flood waters into people's yards, including Talietha Callahan's yard on Frank Avenue.

"At a pretty decent pace it started coming up, all the way until reached my vehicle, and it came up about 2 to 3 inches up on my tires," said Callahan.

The flash flooding started to recede after a few hours, and by the morning, all the water was gone.

"I'm glad it's gone and we can make it out [of the house], and my vehicle is not damaged, my house is not damaged, my kids are okay," said Callahan.

The intersection of Main Street and St. Mary's Avenue Tuesday night was fully under water and some of it seeped into nearby businesses.

While the streets were completely dried up 12 hours later, the owner of Total Glass and Lock Service opened her business doors Wednesday morning to a muddy mess.

"The water level…you could see was up above 14 inches," said Linda Esse, the owner of Total Glass and Lock Service, "On the outside there was residue, dirt, just very dirty."

Esse says they lost some of their products to water damage, but they believe most of the flooring and office space is salvageable.

"We'll survive," said Esse, who continued to provide service their customers all day long.

Albert Lea Police reported no injuries and all major roads that closed in the flooding are back open.

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