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Fishing Opener Tips With Expert Steve Carney

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We love to go fishing in Minnesota and if you've lived here for any length of time, you know the chilly weather we are anticipating for the Fishing Opener on Saturday morning is pretty typical.

WCCO's Mike Max stopped by Lake Harriett to offer up the first of his previews.

Let's start with this: It's been another strange spring in Minnesota temperature-wise. So what does that mean going into the Fishing Opener?

"The water temperatures were accelerating in March. It looked like things were gang busters and we hit April," fishing expert Steve Carney said. "The temperatures actually went down so instead of rising, they went down. So those fish would come into spawn and go out. They would come in and go out, so it was very inconsistent. So this is not a normal spring."

While it could change the way you fish for the walleye, maybe using a bobber instead of trolling. But in terms of using the proper bait, well that gets back to the basics.

"If I could find some large leeches, I would use leeches. So far they've been running very small because the water temperatures are in the 40s and the leeches are small and can't we can't get any big ones," Carney said. "So if I can find some mediums to large, I'm going to use leeches below a bobber. Otherwise I'm going to stick with minnows, which is the traditional bait."

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