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Fashion Truck Is The Latest Store On Wheels

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As soon as the snow melted, we saw all sorts of food trucks pop up around downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Food trucks have become very popular in Minnesota. You can find anything from sushi to cupcakes being served out the side of a truck. But food isn't the only thing you can find on wheels.

A Minnesota woman has turned a cleaning truck into the hottest mobile store. Flaunt Fashion Truck just opened the first week of May.

"When we were designing the truck, we really wanted it to feel like a boutique. We wanted them to forget that they were on a truck," said owner Melissa Hardin. "There's custom cabinets, ebony hardwood floor, chandelier, fitting room in the back. We wanted it to feel like an actual boutique so I hope we achieved that."

Flaunt has everything from tops and dresses to shoes, from bags to jewelry. Flaunt also features local designers.

What's more, they try to keep everything around $50 or less. Shirts are generally in the $30 range. Hardin has two young boys, so she gears her store toward moms.

"That was really important to me, to be able to accommodate moms and their new figures and our new bodies," she said. "Most of our customers are moms or young professionals and they need help with what's going to look best on their bodies."

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