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Experts: Prepare For Nasty Rooftop Ice Dams

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- This year's end of winter could make a yearly problem much worse than normal.

Ice dams could go from bad to worse and cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

Snow, freezing temps at night and sunshine during the day have created the perfect storm for ice dams.

In fact, contractors WCCO spoke to said this is one of the worst years for ice dams they've seen in nearly a decade.

Suzanne Wiatros says two things went through her head with her ice dam issue.

"I hope the roof doesn't fall in, and how much is this going to cost me?" she said.

She called for help, and the "ice dam removal guys" told Suzanne ice dams start when the snow on your roof melts.

"As it hits your overhang, which is cooled underneath and on top, it freezes," Joe Palumbo said. "And that constant freeze and thaw builds this ice up, up, up, until water dams up behind it and goes into the interior of your house."

Make sure your attic is properly ventilated. While some insurance companies cover the damage, it's not a chance worth taking.

How to prepare?

Get a professional on your roof and remove some of the snow. Or, get a snow rake and brush off as much as you can reach.

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