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Excellent Educator: Anthony Wolfbauer Of South View Middle School

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) -- Teachers have a lot of people to please. The principal, the parents and don't forget about the students.

This week, a student at South View Middle School in Edina nominated their geometry and algebra teacher, Anthony Wolfbauer for Excellent Educator.

Wolfbauer says the secret to being an Excellent Educator is all in the attitude.

"The secret would be enjoying being around young people, enjoying the subject that you teach, kind of having energy every day," he said.

Energy is not something Wolfbauer lacks.

"He's got a lot of energy. He talks fast. I think he's passionate about what he's doing," said Beth Russell, the school's principal.

Wolfbauer has taught at South View for 22 years and says it never gets old.

"Maybe at the end of May," he said. "But then by the end of August I'm excited to get back in the classroom again."

Math can be a tough subject to grasp for some students. Russell says Wolfbauer stands out in his ability to help students who struggle.

"He really works with the kids who are struggling, to break it down in clear steps, but challenging the thinking too," she said.

Wolfbauer said that he remembers when he sometimes struggled with math concepts, but would understand as soon as it was phrased in just the right way. That's what he tries to do with his students.

"It's wonderful for me to see the lightbulb go on," he said.

Wolfbauer said he got into teaching because he had great teachers, but he always knew he wanted to be around young people and at first thought about coaching.

He was a wrestler when he was a student at Anoka High School.

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