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'Everyone Loves Joe': Teen Behind Joe's Lemonade Stand Crowned Richfield Royalty

RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) -- There is new royalty tonight in the city of Richfield.

You may recognize Joe Carr as the founder of Joe's Lemonade Stand, where he raises money for kids with health differences. Now, the Richfield High School senior has a new title.

Carr is known for a lot of things: his service to others, his trademark smile, his undying support of his favorite team.

"When he's excited over there it makes me want to just do better for him, just to see him smile," Carr's friend and Richfield High School basketball player Lamar Grayson said.

Ryan Miles is also a Richfield High School basketball player.

"His presence is big. When we see him at the games, every time we go out, we used to give him handshakes every time we see him on the court. He's more like a teammate, not really like a fan. More like family to us," Miles said.

Carr got his turn on the court Thursday -- the Fire and Ice Court. His close friend and reigning homecoming queen crowned him.

"I already knew that Joe was going to win, because everyone loves Joe," Fametta Zumba said.

After years of cheering others on, it was his turn to be applauded.

"Every little thing that Joe does, we all really appreciate it. He just makes everyone happy around him," Zumba said.

Carr has a slogan he uses to cheer on the basketball team and it's his life motto, too: "We over me."

Carr's cerebral palsy affects his speech, but not his ability to communicate love.

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"I just want people to make note that it doesn't matter if you have a disability or not, you can still be that positive influence in people's lives and you can bring a smile to people's faces like Joe does every day," Carr's teacher Alec Kalbow said.

Royalty in its finest form. Carr says his message is "Treat others with kindness." Clearly, he does just that.

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