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'Everybody In The Crowd Was Helping': Community Comes Together To Save Man Appearing To Overdose

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A man is alive this evening thanks to a woman in north Minneapolis who made a bold, impromptu move.

Peace Activist Kay G. Wilson started rolling on a Facebook Live of a man who appeared to have overdosed. The woman, along with other bystanders and police, saved his life.

Donna Morris first spotted the man slumped over the wheel of his vehicle in north Minneapolis near Broadway and Aldrich Avenues.

"He was kind of sticking out and you could see his head laid back and his mouth wide open," Morris said.

Donna is part of a peace advocacy group called A Mother's Love. It's the group that started carrying Narcan with them around town. Lisa Clemons heads up the group and works hard to help build families and peace.

"You have to see it up close and personal in order to see what's needed up here," Clemons said.

And Donna Morris saw someone who needed Narcan. She and another man on scene gave the man an injection and a nasal dose.

"And then when the police pulled up he was still not breathing, still barely a pulse, so they finished giving him CPR and gave him the third installation of Narcan and then he came around," Morris said.

The man finally became responsive and sat up off the ground.

"It wasn't just me; everybody in the crowd was helping. It didn't make a difference what color you were or what you were doing, everybody wanted to pitch in to help," Morris said.

She says it was major teamwork with people who pitched in and the Minneapolis Police Department.

For Donna Morris, the experience was personal in more ways than one.

"That could have been me 30 years ago. I've been blessed and clean from drugs for 30 years," Morris said.

She says others rescued her, and on Tuesday afternoon, she paid back the favor.

Since "A Mother's Love" volunteers started carrying Narcan, they've done four rescues. Minneapolis Police say since the beginning of the year, they've used Narcan 99 times.


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