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Emotions Run High At Vigil For Missing 10-Year-Old

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's now been 10 days since 10-year-old Barway Collins first went missing.

His father turned out for the latest search Saturday even though police have named him a suspect, and that didn't sit well with everyone.

A man in the crowd interrupted a prayer vigil, accusing the boy's father of being responsible for his son's disappearance.

"Clear your conscience, bro!" the man shouted. "He knows where that kid is."

Police say Pierre Collins has not been truthful during the investigation, but Collins says he is innocent.

Crystal police say they've been searching for the past few days up and down the river near North Mississippi Regional Park, citing "strong evidence" Pierre Collins was in the area around the time his son was last seen.

Volunteers also spent the day searching along the Mississippi, following a very emotional vigil outside the place Barway Collins was last seen 10 days ago.

"We miss him," Yamah Collins, his stepmother, said. "It's been 10 days now. We haven't seen our son, we miss him."

Family, friends, and community members begged the public to keep looking for the Barway. They asked volunteers not to be distracted by the allegations surrounding the boy's father.

Pastor Alexander Collins, the Executive Director of the Liberian Ministers Association, urged those in attendance to keep their priorities straight.

"We understand that there may be other things that are happening, but Barway remains the focus," he said.

Emotions ran high at the prayer service. At one point, Barway's stepmother, Yamah Collins began screaming, and fainted.

One member of the community interrupted the service and shouted at Pierre Collins, telling him to "clear your conscience."

"He know where that kid is, man," the man shouted.

Family members said they remain hopeful that Barway will be found, alive. Until then, the community is not giving up their search efforts to find him.

We're going to walk the streets and look for our son," community member Seyon Nywanwieh said. "That's what this is all about."

Volunteers said they would be passing out flyers and searching in Crystal and surrouding communities through the afternoon.

Crystal Police said they hope to release more information in their investigation on Monday.

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