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Mpls. Edison High's Lewis Sisters Are Unstoppable

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Lewis sisters are trying to lead the Minneapolis Edison Tommies to another state track meet this season.

Proud of what their school means to them, they are symbolic of what school spirit really means.

These twin sisters are teammates, but they don't always get along.

"We have our ups and downs. Some days, I don't want to be bothered with her at practice," Jia said. "Some days, her and everybody on the team want to play tag, and it's just like, 'Really?'"

Jada says she is more of the jokester.

"I like to mess with her, so I'll just start tag out of nowhere, and everybody be like, "Why are we playing tag?'" Jada said. "'Because I want to play tag, so let's just play tag!' And [Jia] is like, 'Jada, I don't want to play tag right now.'"

What they want is to not just represent their school, but to prove their school is worthy of pride. They want to shake the idea that Edison is just known for athletics.

"There are strong athletes at this school, and they're good in athletics, education, just everything, like all-around, well-rounded students," Jada said.

Jia And Jada Lewis
Jia & Jada Lewis (credit: CBS)

The sisters won a state track team title all by themselves two years ago -- accumulating enough points.

"It was a great honor for us because it was something that we never thought about," Jia said.

Oh, they keep score. There is definitely a sibling rivalry, but you sense it is part of the fun; the energy they bring to life.

"We did start going back and forth and really competing with each other, as though in every other week she would get first in the one, or I'll get first in the one," Jada said. "Then I'll get first in the two, and she'll get second in the two, or the next week she'll get first in the two and I'll get second in the two."

They love to compete all the time, even when it's a family affair.

"When we have our family reunions, everybody wants to race us. There is no stopping anybody," Jada said. "'You're going to lose, just know that [both sisters laugh]!'"

We want to hear about the person in your school with the most school spirit. We know there are a lot of great stories out there. Click here to submit your pick.

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