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Twin sisters compete together on the Eden Prairie Lacrosse team before becoming rivals

Twins give Minnesota lacrosse team a double dose of power
Twins give Minnesota lacrosse team a double dose of power 01:52

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Eden Prairie is one of the most dominant girls' lacrosse programs in the state. Part of their secret is having a double dose of power on the midfield line: twin sisters Avery and Josie Wallace.

The Wallace twins are senior captains, and they are a big part of this team's driving force.

"Our competitiveness in practice definitely shows, and each day we push each other to be better," said Josie Wallace.

"We're just so used to being on the same team together, being on the same line, kind of knowing what each other are going to do on the field," said Avery Wallace.

That twin telepathy is something their head coach, Brooke Jones, who is also a twin herself, leans into.

"They definitely have a more innate way of communicating with each other, which just makes things flow better. We can put a little less structure in our offense," said Jones.

Next year they're both continuing to play the game. Avery Wallace is committed to the University of Akron and Josie Wallace is headed to play for Kent State.

"It is really sad to think about that we're going to be on separate teams, but I do like the thought that when this season is over and we step off this field, it's not going to be the last time we're on the same field together," said Josie Wallace.

The two Ohio schools are only 20 minutes apart from each other and in the same conference, so the Wallace twins will go head-to-head for the next 4 years.

"I think it's going to be interesting how that plays out because I think we'll know how each other will play and see some things that they might see or do," said Avery Wallace.

They are thrilled to remain close to each other in college, only a drive away.

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