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Eat Energy-Rich Foods For Your Daily Lift

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Monday marks the first day back at work for many people after daylight saving time, so no doubt a few people are springing forward to grab an extra cup of coffee.

That pick-me-up may be especially comforting with temperatures still hovering around the freezing mark, but it could be end up draining you of energy.

Natalie Kane spoke with registered dietitian Christina Meyer-Jax, who said a lot of our winter cravings like carbs and coffee can actually make us more tired throughout the day.

Meyer-Jax suggested a number of alternatives -- tasty, energy-rich foods that won't cause you to crash throughout the day.

"One of the first key things is to hydrate yourself," said Meyer-Jax. "Your body being 60 to 70 percent water, to optimize your energy, you need to be well hydrated."

Meyer-Jax said tea is a great option. Even green tea, which has some caffeine but less than can be found in your cup of coffee.

If you find plain water too boring, try sweetening it with oranges or get a low calorie, naturally sweetened water.

Meyer-Jax also pointed out a probiotic juice drink, which is hydrating and also has the sort of bacteria that are good for you.

Also, if you want to avoid crashes, do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Early in the day, you should be getting a dose of protein and fiber.

"I love Greek yogurt, sprouted almonds. If you need a grab-and-go option you can do some Kind bars, which have whole foods in it, or granola," Meyer-Jax said.

She also recommended Goji berries and Savi seeds, which are high in omega 3's.

A few options with a bit more girth to them -- hard boiled eggs or a natural beef stick, both of which provide protein.

Also, you can simply grab an orange for an easy, quick way to spark your energy. Meyer-Jax says it's a high-nutrient, low calorie option.

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