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Eagan Woman A Finalist In Fitness Challenge, Loses 117 Pounds

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If someone told you that you could lose more than 100 pounds or have $10,000, what would you choose? A local Eagan woman may be hours away from getting both.

Christine or "CC" Hodges lost 117 pounds in a year and a half. A majority of that weight's come off in recent months.

One of 10,000 participants, Hodges enrolled in Lifetime Fitness' National 90 Day Transformation Challenge and made it to the finals.

It was Feb. 28, 2012, when Hodges made the decision that would change her life, change how other people saw her and maybe most importantly, how she'd see herself.

She was 239 pounds at the time. While she'd thought about losing weight in the past, this time it was different.

"I remember being that woman," Hodges said. "I remember when I would close my eyes when I was that woman and I'd open my eyes and I'd look in the mirror and I couldn't believe what I saw. And I'm not that woman anymore."

Shortly after joining Lifetime in late February, Hodges enrolled in group training courses nervous at first, but quickly found her place.

"When you start connecting with people, you know, you become accountable," Hodges said.

Hodges knew everyone at the gym and she says she wouldn't be the one to let them down.

"The first 20 pounds that I lost, I started to, you know, walk a little bit prouder," Hodges said.

The 20 pounds quickly become 40 and then 60. Then, this summer, Hodges learned of the "90 Day Transformation Challenge." She knew in order to win, she needed help. So, she asked fitness trainer Bob Holper to help with her fitness and nutrition.

"Bob and I were on beast mode for 90 days. Beast mode is like, you're on. You're doing everything. There is no room for any errors. It's on," Hodges said.

They'd wake up at 3:45 a.m. to often do two-a-day workouts – and transformation happened.

"This woman is somebody that wants to empower other people. This woman's me," Hodges said.

After 90 days, Hodges went from 36 percent body fat to 14.8 percent body fat. She says the biggest factors contributing toward her weight loss: weight lifting and diet change, which included high protein meals six times a day, low carbs and cutting sugar.

If you'd like to follow Hodges' progress, follow her on Facebook.

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