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Eagan Police Pull Over Dozens Of Texting Drivers In 'Operation Busted By A Bus'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Many a child has gotten in trouble on a school bus. But Wednesday's practice in discipline is aimed at adults.

"Operation Busted by a Bus" is in full effect in Eagan.

"By putting officers on a school bus, we want people to look at a school bus the same as they do a squad car," said Eagan Police Officer Aaron Machtemes. "They put their phones down, they watch their speed."

It didn't take long to find violators. Officers quickly spotted a woman busily texting through a stoplight. There was also a woman who was so busy texting that it took her a while to realize the light had changed.

Operation Busted By A Bus
(credit: CBS)

Officers noted the violations, and deputies stationed in strategic places pulled drivers over. bus driver Ryan Rambum from Schmitty and Sons was happy to have some back-up.

"You're helpless, you know. You can't do anything other than lay on the horn … and hope people know what that means," Rambum said. "This is the most precious cargo that we have."

Rambum says bus drivers see violations every day, anD many of those drivers ignore the stop arm and keep going on their phones. But on this day, if you keep going, you'll get stopped.

Eagan police say officers made a total of 131 traffic stops Friday, issuing 60 citations and apprehending one person for driving under the influence.

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