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Duluth Radio Station Claims Permanent Switch To Year-Round Christmas Music

DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) -- A sports radio station in Duluth claims it's permanently changing formats to year-round holiday music.

The switch-over happened late Wednesday, when WEBC-AM 560 and FM 106.5 began simulcasting Christmas tunes months before the holiday season begins.

However, some fans on the station's Facebook page are expressing doubt at how permanent the switch is. Bizarre format changes are common practice in radio when a station is preparing a more reasonable change in programming. The stunt is an effort to garner attention and media coverage before the real switch. Some stations will broadcast a single song on repeat, for days or even weeks on end.

As the Duluth News Tribune notes, a station in New York also announced a permanent switch to year-round Christmas music in 2010, only to announce another switch to contemporary pop music several months later.

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