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Duluth Cop Filmed Fighting Man In Wheelchair

DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) - A Duluth police officer has been put on leave after he was caught on surveillance video hitting a man in a wheelchair.

It happened on September 21 while the 50-year-old man was in police custody.

The video shows 34-year-old Officer Richard Jouppi punching 50-year-old Anthony Jon Jackson five times in the head, and then dragging him out of his wheelchair.

Jackson was allegedly intoxicated and was allegedly involved in a fight earlier in the evening.

The surveillance video initially shows Jackson standing, but then he's seated while Officer Jouppi tries to take his jacket off him.

After a struggle, Jackson hits Jouppi, who then punches back several times.

Police put Officer Jouppi on administrative leave for alleged use of excessive force.

This is the fifth complaint filed against Jouppi during the two years he has been with Duluth Police.

He is accused of tipping off a friend that he was being investigated for criminal sexual misconduct.

Jouppi had just signed a "last chance" agreement with Duluth Police. He could face misdemeanor assault charges in this case.

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