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Driver Accused Of Striking Pedal Pub Identified

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Twelve people went to the hospital after a suspected drunk driver crashed into the back of their Pedal Pub Wednesday night.

Police arrested 35-year-old Mershon Corbett, who faces a DWI charge and a felony count of criminal vehicular injury.

Mershon Corbett - Pedal Pub Crash
(credit: Henn. Co. Sheriff's Office/CBS)

Corbett rear-ended the Pedal Pub just before 10 p.m. Wednesday while it traveled in the southbound lane of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, according to police.

The impact caused the Pedal Pub to tip over on its side.

"I remember being on the Pedal Pub, and the thing flipping over and falling on top of me and some of my friends," passenger Benjamin Cambell said.

Pedal Pub Crash
(credit: CBS)

Trapped underneath the 12-person bike, the injured didn't have to wait long for help. A group of people passing by helped lift the pedal pub off the victims.

"I don't remember meeting them but, I mean, I would like to thank them a lot," Cambell said. "That's a great thing they did."

Every passenger went to the hospital with injuries ranging from scrapes to a broken collar bone.

Police say the Pedal Pub does not appear to be at fault in this crash but they are still investigating.

Pedal Pub said they do have lights, working signals as well as reflectors on each vehicle.

The company released a statement saying they wish everyone a swift recovery.

Three people are listed in satisfactory condition.

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