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DPS: State Patrol Troopers 'Strategically Deflated Tires' During George Floyd Unrest

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has confirmed that vehicle tires were deflated "strategically" by State Patrol troopers during George Floyd unrest.

According to the DPS, State Patrol troopers deflated the tires to keep them from being used in attacks and so they could be towed for later collection of evidence if necessary.

The DPS says it was done in certain situations, including to stop some motorists from driving dangerously and at high speeds around protesters and law enforcement, to disable vehicles containing items that may cause harm, and to prevent vehicles from being pushed into law enforcement.

The state activated the Multi-Agency Command Center to coordinate law enforcement and public safety agencies during the unrest following George Floyd's death.

"These were strategies for individual situations, but not a general order from the MACC. As in all operations of this size, there will be a review about how these decisions were made," the DPS said.

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In regards to other law enforcement agencies deflating tires, the DPS said "we can't speak for other law enforcement agencies and their tactics."

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