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Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers: Still Missing After 10 Years

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The annual Wizard of Oz Festival is this weekend in Grand Rapids and for the last 10 years, something has been missing from the Judy Garland Museum -- her ruby red slippers!

On Thursday, crowds gathered at a mine pit just west of the city as Itasca County Dive Team crews search for the stolen slippers.

The museum's founder says the slippers were worth $1 million at the time they were taken. Many believe someone knows what happened to them.

"It'd be great if one of them came forward even anonymously. We don't want to get them in trouble. We just want to have the slippers intact hopefully or at least know what happened to them," volunteer Rob Feeney said.

A statute of limitations protects the thief from any charges, so if someone does come forward, they won't be arrested. There was a $250,000 reward at one time for finding the slippers, but that's now gone.


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