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Don't Be Jealous Of Andrew Sendejo's V-Day Date At McD's

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo didn't need to make reservations for his Valentine's Day dinner.

That's because he took his date to McDonald's.

"Everyone jokes about doing Valentine's at McDonald's," Sendejo tweeted, "but nobody actually has the balls to do it."

The picture showed Sendejo and his date with a Happy Meal, a pair of shiny red heart-shaped balloons, and what appeared to be the remains of two orange juices.

The tweet inspired a number of snarky responses -- "she's a Burger King kinda girl #plottwist" and "dude let her order off the full menu not just the dollar" among them -- but then again, those comments came from people who weren't sitting across the table from this on Valentine's Day:


Yeah, his arms have their own Twitter account for a reason.

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