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Donations & Help Flood In For Nonprofit Down On Its Luck

VADNAIS HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) -- What a difference a day can make.

On Monday, Vadnais Heights nonprofit TSE, which employs those who are developmentally disabled, was dealing with their trailer being stolen, and it was filled with lawnmowers and other important grooming equipment.

But on Tuesday, the nonprofit's luck changed as many Minnesotans aimed to help out in numerous ways.

Their new equipment is expensive. But it's free.

"We are very grateful just to know that people still care," Matthew Nelson said.

Nearly a half a dozen lawn mowers have been donated, including a blower -- and that's not all they're raking in.

"One anonymous donor said 'How much would a trailer cost?' and I said, 'Approximately $3,000,'" CEO Lynne Megan said. "He said, 'My wife and I will be donating $3,000.'"

Megan said the generosity kept coming.

"We had phone calls waiting for us. We had emails waiting for us," she said. "People responded on the WCCO website saying we'd love to donate from all over Minnesota."

The new tools are also nicer than the ones they had.

"We're grateful for it -- very," said TSE worker Heyward. "I just want to say thank you. I don't know who you are, but we are very thankful."

Still want to help? They're set with equipment.

But they are in search of some new lawns to mow.

They charge $47 an hour. Click for more.

As for those generous Minnesotans? They're staying anonymous.

"Thank you everyone," Megan said. "Thank you so much Minnesotans."

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