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Dog Deemed 'Dangerous' Mauls Miniature Poodle In Front Of Owner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Shoreview woman is mourning the loss of her dog.

The miniature poodle, named Freddie, was mauled by another dog while the two were out for a walk.

"He just was just the cutest little thing and so friendly," said Chris Lund, Freddie's owner.

Lund decided to adopt Freddie after her husband of 45 years passed away in 2013.

"It was company," she said. "Somebody to come home to."

According to a case report from Ramsey County, Lund was walking with Freddie across the street on March 30 when another dog, a pit bull, ran toward them. He grabbed Freddie in his mouth and shook him.

"I just started screaming like crazy so neighbors started coming out of the woodwork, like 'What is going on?,'" Lund said.

The pit bull took off and dropped Freddie in front of his yard. By the time Lund got Freddie to the vet, he was already gone.

"Tears were just streaming down my face," Lund said. "He was just a little sweetheart."

According to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, the dog who attacked Freddie, named Oliver, had been deemed a "dangerous dog" by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control after a biting incident in Minneapolis in 2013.

The case report says Oliver had been in a fenced-in backyard and the owner thought he may have jumped the fence.

Lund says she hopes dog owners will be more responsible, watching their dogs so that no pet owner has to go through what she did.

Oliver is currently being quarantined at a local animal hospital. A hearing officer will decide if he will be allowed back with his owner or if he should be put to sleep.

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