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Docu-series "Boys in Blue" highlights relationship between football team, coaches, in north Minneapolis

Docu-series features North Minneapolis football team
Docu-series features North Minneapolis football team 02:13

MINNEAPOLIS -- "Boys in Blue" shows the extraordinary relationship between coaches who are police officers and the student athletes who see them as much more.

The documentary show tells of the relationship between coach and players from Minneapolis' North Side Community.

"You always hear 'North Side pride' like literally that's what it's about. The focal piece was the police and community," said Charlie Adams, Jr.

Minneapolis North Head football coach Charlie Adams. Jr says what's unique about the relationships is that the kids and coaches who happen to be police officers all grew up in the neighborhood.

"We're Polars," said Adams, Jr. "We are a product of this neighborhood."

"We've has this connection with just people we grew up with in North Minneapolis. Their kids are playing for us," said Inspector Adams.

Adams Jr.'s father, Inspector Charlie Adams, Sr. says the docu-series highlights the ups and downs of coaching and playing in inner city Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd and the surge of crime that followed.

 A big part of the story is Deshaun Hill, Jr., North High's star quarterback who was shot and killed on his way to the bus stop.

"Every time I think about it I tear up," said Inspector Adams.

"We don't want people to think that they are feeding off of people's hurt. D. Hill was a major part of this community and this football team because he was our quarterback. It just took the turn it did and they had to show that to be genuine with the story," said Adams, Jr.

It's a story that truly touched on how both boys in blue help each other survive, strive and achieve.

"It just captures what our genuine relationship is with these kids whether it's being a police officer whether its coaching. It captures the beautiful piece in North Minneapolis," said Adams, Jr.

You can watch "Boys in Blue" documentary on Showtime, which is owned by Paramount, the parent company of WCCO.

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