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DNR: Zebra Mussels, Milfoil Found In Kandiyohi Co. Lakes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Department of Natural Resources says invasive species were reported in two Kandiyohi County lakes last month.

In mid-July, the DNR confirmed that there was Eurasian watermilfoil in Games Lake, about 7 miles east of Sunburg, Minn. That confirmation came after a lakeshore owner reported the infestation to authorities.

And since the plant is growing near the Norway Lake outlet, Norway Lake is now also listed as infested with watermilfoil.

Later in the month, a property owner found a suspected zebra mussel specimen in Green Lake. The DNR says an conservation officer confirmed that specimen was indeed zebra mussels, but the mussels were dead.

Additionally, conservation officers weren't able to find other zebra mussels in Green Lake.

Still, the lake will be listed as infested. If no zebra mussels are found in the lake for five years, the decision to classify the lake as such will be revisited.

Because Green Lake is just upstream from Lake Calhoun (in Kandiyohi County, not in Minneapolis), Lake Calhoun will also be designated as infested, the DNR said.

To learn more about stopping the spread of invasive species, go to the DNR's website.

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