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Discount Doggies! Animal Humane Society Cuts Winter Adoption Fees

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- While the snow was pilling up outside, dogs were piling up in shelters.

The Animal Humane Society says our winter weather has brought dog adoptions to a virtual standstill. But now is the time to adopt a dog at a discount.

Molly Swenson is thinking about adopting a dog, again.

"It's kind of whoever says, "Hey pick me! I'm your dog!'" Swenson said. "I have been looking to add a dog to our pack. I have two dogs at home and I have gotten my dogs from the Humane Society."

Now she's finally taking the first step and looking around.

"Typically when it's cold, I stay home more and cuddle up with some Netflix, so it's hard to kind get out especially with all the all the crazy snow and weather we've had later," Swenson said.

Animal Humane Society Discount Dogs
(credit: CBS)

That's the problem. The AHS says the winter weather has slowed down dog adoptions.

"I think people get a little nervous thinking about potty training in this cold weather, but we have a lot of great resources here and really it's a great time, any time is a great time to welcome a new family member into your home," said Zach Nugent with the AHS.

But now the AHS is offering discounts on some dog adoptions, giving people the chance to save a little money on a big decision.

"It's so cold out, why not have a little extra warmth in your home and have a new family member that you can love on?" Nugent said. "One of the great things about our community is that we have such high adoption rates. We know those families are out there, we know those homes are out there."

The dog adoption discount is for medium to large dogs that are at least 1 year old. It will run through Monday at all four of the Animal Humane Society's locations.

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