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Castile's Fmr. Girlfriend Makes 1st Court Appearance In Hammer Assault

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The woman who live-streamed the aftermath of the Philando Castile shooting faced assault charges in Ramsey County District Court Monday.

Diamond Reynolds, 27, and two other women are facing felony charges in connection with an assault where a woman was beaten with a hammer last week.

Ramsey County District Judge Thomas Gilligan Jr. said these are serious charges Reynolds faces.

Reynolds' attorney asked for her client to be released without bail. They say she is needed to help her 5-year-old daughter, who witnessed the Castile shooting.

In the end the judge set bail at $40,000.

Reynolds was introduced to the world with a video live-streamed moments after her fiance Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights.

Monday, she was introduced to a Ramsey County District Judge to face felony assault charges.

According to the criminal complaint, Reynolds and two other women are accused of attacking another woman. Reynolds is accused of hitting her with a hammer.

The case is being handled by the Washington County Attorney's Office to avoid a conflict of interest with Ramsey County's criminal case against St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who killed Castile during that traffic stop.

"Everything in that case that was on video is on video, so it speaks for itself. But whatever happened before that video was turned on comes down to two people: the officer and Ms. Reynolds," Criminal defense attorney Joe Tamburino said.

Tamburino is not connected to the case, but says it's all about timing.

"If Ms. Reynolds is convicted by the time of officer Yanez's trial she could be what's called impeached as a witness with her felony conviction. Impeachment means that you call into question the witness' credibility," he said.

Tamburino says the defense cannot challenge Reynolds' testimony if she is not convicted.

"So if she's not convicted by the time of the trial, they can't use it. If she is convicted, they will use it, the defense," he said.

Reynolds' attorney Michael Padden said in a statement, "It is her contention she has no involvement with the assault in any way, shape, or form."

Members of Black Lives Matter St. Paul were in court to support Reynolds.

Her next court appearance is set for April 3.

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