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'Diabolically Adorable': 3-Year-Old's 'Lion King' Death Cake Goes Viral

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A 3-year-old girl from St. Paul went viral this weekend because of a hilarious request she made for her birthday party.

Leona Feigh loves "The Lion King" and knows the words to every song, so she asked for a birthday cake with her favorite character, Mufasa. Leona's mother, Alison Feigh, says she wanted a very specific scene in the movie.

"I felt really embarrassed asking [the bakery] because I thought they would think I was a horrible parent," Alison said. "I was like, 'So here's the thing, this is what my child said, I thought it was funny. We're just going to go with it.'"

Leona wanted the moment that's been ripping hearts out since the mid-90s: Mufasa's death. That way, Leona said, everyone would be so sad, they wouldn't want to eat the cake -- and she'd have it all to herself.

When asked how the cake tasted, she excitedly said, "So yummy, so yummy!"

Leona's uncle, Casey Feigh, tweeted about the story, and it went viral, racking up nearly 750,000 likes.

"[Leona] really gets comedy, and that's important in our family that you can tell a joke and sell a joke," Casey said. "She's already figuring that out at the age of 3."

Rosalie Davis, a cake decorator with The Thirsty Whale Bakery in north Minneapolis, brought the unique request to life.

"Normally the 3-year-old cakes don't have dead characters on them," Rosalie said.

Leona Feigh Lion King Cake Girl
Leona Feigh (credit: CBS)

Now, Rosalie just wants to meet Leona.

"The person asking for the cake was probably more interesting than the cake," she said.

Alison says her daughter is sweet and, yes, empathetic, which is why the cake request came as a surprise and made them smile.

"Let's just fulfill this really random cake request that we'll look back in like 10 years and laugh," Alison said.

Leona already has her mind made up for next year. When she turns 4, she wants a cake with Cinderella. And no surprise, the evil stepmother has to be on there, too.

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