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Despite Optimism, No Deal Reached Between MPS And Striking Teachers

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Once again, there won't be school in Minneapolis on Monday. The school district and the educators who went on strike 11 days ago failed to reach a contract agreement Saturday.

Monday will be the 10th school day missed as teachers and education support professionals continue their strike over wages, mental health resources and class size caps.

The district has said it's reached its financial limits.

"Guess what? I don't care where they get the money," said Ana Vasquez, a Roosevelt High School teacher, at a small solidarity rally Saturday in Dinkytown. "It is not our job to figure out where they get the money. It is not our job to do their job."

Some teachers are tying the strike to larger issues like racial justice and anti-capitalism, in addition to the educators' contract demands.

"If you don't like the [unacceptable] working conditions and oppression, there is something you can do about it," said Dan Troccoli, a teacher at North High School. "So for our students, each other and the city, we strike."

"When workers strike, when they withhold their labor, they are strong," said Erika Roedl, a supporter at the rally.

Not having school has been a challenge for many families.

The North Community and Blaisdell YMCA locations have been offering daily programming of arts and crafts, swimming, health, and field trips. The longer the strike goes, the more they're working in typical school curriculum material.

The YMCA says it's been taking up to 50 K-5 students a day, sometimes more. At Blaisdell, the cost is $45 a day. At North Community, it's $12.

Without classes Monday, the district will be five days under the number of school days required by state law. MPS says it's working with the Department of Education on a revised calendar.


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