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DeRusha Eats: The Capital Grille

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Kobe beef. It is supposed to be some of the most flavorful beef in the world.

And it's usually found on high end steak menus.

Kobe beef burgers can cost as much as $50! Crazy, right?

But now you can get a similar flavor for a fraction of the cost at one Minneapolis restaurant.

WCCO's Jason DeRusha decided to check it out when he ate at The Capital Grille.

Inside the kitchen at high-end steakhouse The Capital Grille executive chef Crystal Morris is making burgers.

"There's a super high expectation that people have. That, 'If I'm gonna go to Capital Grille and have a burger, it's going to be a decadent, rich burger.' And we're try to exceed our guests expectations and really deliver on that," Morris said.

Their new lunch menu features four decadent burgers.

All four use Wagyu beef.

"Wagyu is the kind of cow that it comes from. Some people may have heard of Kobe beef, that is also Wagyu, but Kobe is the town in Japan," Morris said.

This beef comes from a farm in Boise, Idaho which started with Kobe cattle, that were bred with Angus beef.

"This is our 8-ounce Wagyu patty. You can see it has that really nice marbeling in it, that really gives you that accentuated flavor," Morris said.

Morris uses that delicious beef as a foundation for over-the-top, but not gimmicky, toppings:

  • A Kona coffee crusted burger.
  • A wild mushroom burger with Havarti.
  • And a cheeseburger with crisp onions and an over-easy egg.

"I think everything is better with an egg," Morris said.

DeRusha then helped Morris cook up the gorgonzola truffle. The cheese is mixed with black-truffle, and it is amazing.

But burgers aren't the only unexpected thing at The Capital Grille. Morris knows she is often a surprise to her guests

"Usually they expect someone more like yourself or like my general manager to come out," she said. "I've been very well received. My guests have been really welcoming in Minneapolis."

More than ten years of working with steak, Morris said there's one thing we should be doing at home.

"Letting your steaks rest," Morris said. "We get anxious. Its ready, let's eat! But resting it lets it hold in the juice."

We hate to wait! But Morris said it's worth it.

If you want to try the burgers go for The Capital Grille special –  $25 for wine and burger.

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