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DeRusha Eats: Rustica's Long Road To Baguette Heaven

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It may be the most iconic form of bread in the world. The baguette -- long and skinny, crispy and chewy -- has dozens of little steps to make it taste good.

At Rustica, they start working at 1 a.m. The early morning sky is a dark contrast to the glow of the Minneapolis bakery.

But for head backer Cody Dobson, the magic starts 14 hours earlier. The afternoon prior is when bakers mix what they call a "poolish." It's a wet, spongy dough, where yeast gets to work, creating the flavors that make a baguette so delicious.

All that work is available for under $4, a labor of love to a certain degree. Rustica makes 300 baguettes on a weekday, 500 or more on the weekend.

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