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DeRusha Eats: Aviv Vodka

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It's not always about food with DeRusha Eats, and this week we're diving into the world of vodka.

The new year is a time of rebirth for a lot of us, and for a local business man it's the birth of a new vodka brand that was an eight-year process. This week, Jason DeRusha is showing us how spirituality, hidden messages and the Holy land come together to make Aviv Vodka.

Eight years ago, Minneapolis business man Mark Grossfield had an idea: Create a vodka that was more than a flavorless drink. The water for his brand comes from the Sea of Galilee as he wanted a vodka that had a spiritual meaning.

The brand also had more than 270 bottle prototypes with 73 hidden messages. Vodka is a $5 billion industry in the United States, and Grossfield wants just a sliver of it.

Watch the video for the full story on Aviv Vodka.


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