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DeRusha Eats At United Noodles

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Tomorrow is the start of the Year of the Snake.

The Chinese New Year celebration begins Sunday. Often called the Lunar New Year, it's a 15-day celebration enjoyed in many countries, including here.

The 20,000-square foot United Noodles is one of the largest Asian grocery stores in the Midwest.

The shelves are stocked from 15 Asian countries, there are 100 varieties of pot stickers, and 400 to 500 kinds of noodles.

Ramon Tan founded United Noodles as a wholesale operation in 1972. Alice Fung came on board not long after.

"Every family's living room, when they come to greet you, this is the way they entertain," she said.

For Lunar New Year, it's all about red ... dried red dates, red-wrapped candies, and red decorations.

Make sure to check out the food at the newly remodeled UniDeli.

The deli specializes in noodles, of course. But don't miss the treat known as tea eggs.

"Eggs marinated with the tea, soy sauce," Fung said.

Two tea-soaked eggs for $1. A steal at this hidden-away grocery gem.

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